“There’s a thin line between politeness and being plastic.” 


I came up with these lines as my status update at Facebook last Thursday night to match my friend’s status update.  Until I realize how perfect these lines are.  Most of the time, people who don’t know me and those who easily passes judgement on people have the tendency to think that I am plastic.  Whereas, all I only want is world peace.


Is it hard for people to believe that you just want peace and serenity and nothing but.  You know, I’m a no saint but I just want things in order.  If you don’t want anything around you for me the best way is to shut up and stop spreading negativity around you.  Life is unfair and things don’t always go your way.  You just have to accept that fact.


Last week, someone accused me of being plastic or let’s say that it was just a joke.  But we also know that jokes are half meant.  I am just a little pissed.  I just can’t believe that time and again, I am being accused of being plastic just because I don’t want to be sarcastic. 


I am not insecure because I know what I am doing is just right.  I’m just staying positive and spreading harmony around me.  I just hope that all the negativity that surrounds me right now will go away soon.  Perhaps, I should also pray for that tonight.


I just feel so misunderstood again.  But what can I do, I’ve just typed a little too early, Life’s unfair and I just have to deal with it!