A movie about 10,000 BC was made last year and there’s a band named 10,000 Maniacs based in the US.  And after, 20 days my blog got another 1,000 hits to reach the 10,000 mark of total views.


Milestones so far are the following:

  • Most view in a day was registered August 7th with a total of 148
  • Most in a month is June 2009 with a total of 1,284 views
  • Average views for a month was registered month of June 2009 as well with 43 per day
  • Have a total of 78 comments which includes Chico Garcia’s comment (woot! woo!)
  • Topics most viewed are Earth Day/Hour, Departures the show from National Geo Adventure and of course, Supernatural and the 1967 Chevy Impala


For the readers of this blog, again thank you very much for leaving comments, and I promise there are a lot of ideas to come!