A month ago everything was just doing fine.  I wasn’t even thinking about it.  Love being the “it” in the story. 


Well, today I’m actually not still thinking about “it” yet but I didn’t expect that I’ll get a chance to prepare to think about “it”.

You see when you get to meet someone interesting and you’d like to get to know them more, it is somehow you’re putting yourself on the chopping board.


Everyone knows by now that loving isn’t just about being happy and all good memories.  Love comes with hidden charges like heart aches or heart breaks, disagreements, and the like.

But still being subjected to this feeling called love is exciting and I’d rather experience it all over again than missing because I was too naïve to get hurt. 


Besides, life is all about taking risks and surprises.

Still in denial, I keep on telling myself that it is easy being single.  I have been all my life and what’s the big fuss about having someone to cuddle with or talk to when you’re down.

It’s all crap!  And it is just a product of an escapist’s mind.


So I’ve decided that this time, I will try not to expect anything and will just let things be.

I’m not really sure if it’s around the corner right now.  But I can assure you I am doing something just so I’d get there. 


What I am feeling right now is like the song Feel This by Bethany Joy-Galeotti.  Here’s the link of the video and Beatles’ Let It Be.