Last Saturday, as I was trying to buy some time for myself, I’ve found myself inside a book store again.  One way for me to kill time is to go inside and fancy over having all those books.  Well, I ain’t really a book lover; I just want to read stuffs that interest me.

Then after a few hours of standing and looking for what to read best, I’ve finally found a book on volunteerism, which made me realize that I still need to finish the book about it that I’ve bought last month.

Doing an act of volunteerism is in my 2009 check list and I’m carefully thinking of what and where to participate.  I even considering of convincing my college buddies of whom I’ve spent college years doing some volunteer work.

I really want to do something about our Nature, Mother Earth.

I strongly believe that we should really act fast and act soon.

So this is what I’ve learned from the quick read of about an hour or two the bookstore.

First there are two choices to choose from:

  1. Development volunteering (which can still be divided into the following: )
    • Emergency and Relief
    • Working with children
    • Education & Training
    • Business Administration & Office work
    • Building  and Construction
    • Health & Nutrition
    • Community Development
    • Staff Volunteering
    • Agriculture and Farming
  2. Conservation and Wildlife Volunteering

And the following ultimate questions:

  1. What work will I be doing?  Can the organization provide me with a brief job description?
  2. Does the organization work with a local partner? (Example, I can’t find the local office of Greenpeace)
  3. What time frame is the volunteer programme run on?
  4. Lastly, is what support & training do I get or receive?

Aside from these questions, what I am truly excited about is, I think I have found my organization to volunteer on. I just have to contact them.  What’s nice with this organization is they’re more than willing to let you choose how and what you will do and the ultimate problem “when” – is solved.

I just hope that what I’ve researched so far is true.  Time is something that I really want to give unfortunately I’m working full time.  Maybe, in a couple of more years, I’ll fulfill my dream of doing just volunteer work as my primary job.

And I can see it coming in the near future.

I will just post updates as soon as one comes.