I am a TV buff more than a movie or a book buff.  When I was a little younger, I used to watch a lot of series and will actually refuse to meet up with friends just so I can follow certain shows.  For example, back in college I would go home to our province (Cavite) just so I can watch Friends.  When I started working, I would never attend any gatherings that will stop me from watching it.


Anyway, I think I have already establish how I addicted I am before with television but fortunately not as much as today.


Watching Ellen DeGeneres really cracks me up.  I really find her humor very witty.  There’s this one episode when she tried to learn Spanish that really made my day.  I looked for the video but this is the closest I’ve got.


And my latest favorite is the Bathroom Concert Series from the show.  I have included two favorite links.  Hope you’ll enjoy this!

Ellen & John Mayer singing Just Dance

Ellen & Fall Out Boy singing Womanizer