The Brothers & Sisters’ Season 4 Episode 3 entitled Almost Normal really made me cry.  This is what I love with this show, it helps me clear my tear ducts and it can also make me laugh on top of my lungs.

Kitty finally told the family that she has cancer in this episode.  I really have to say that this show is blessed with a very amazing ensemble.  You can see the actors’ true emotion and you’ll totally feel for them.  My favorite part is the last 4 minutes of the episode.  (And as customary for me, I’d share it of course with you).  And, every time I replay the part, I still find myself crying.  The support of her family and their determination to fight the disease was really overwhelming.  Nothing beats the presence of loved ones during a situation like this.  Who wouldn’t brace a storm with a support as robust as that?  And Sarah’s arrival and as she hug Kitty made me cry over and over coupled with the lyrics from the song “Have a Little Faith”.

♪ Just have a little faith in me

Uh huh

I’ll have a little faith in you

So have a little faith in me

Don’t let it go

Don’t let it go

Don’t let it go

Don’t let it go

Don’t let it go

Just be strong for me

I’ll be strong for you ♪

I guess what really made me cry is I can totally relate to it.  Over a week ago, I’ve just found myself considering flying to the US this coming Christmas vacation.  All for the reason that I want to see my sister.  You see there are times in our lives that the touch of someone gives us comfort and assurance that everything will be alright.  And I needed that last week.  How I wish I can just go there within a snap of my fingers but unfortunately I can’t.  I just miss her so much.

As promised, I am sharing the last 4 minutes of the episode from Brothers and Sisters.  I hope you’ll like it and if you have the chance to watch the whole show, I’m sure you’ll totally like it.  I’m also sharing Michael Franti’s “Have a Little Faith”.