Out of lack of interesting thing to do with my life I’ve decided to do this 101 in 1001.  I’ve read this from a former follower in Twitter.  Take note of the use of “former follower” because I had to block him off the list because he’s one of the most jaded people in the whole world and that’s another story but I chose to write more of pleasant things today. 


I wasn’t really going to pursue this but when I started counting the days, starting with November 1st of this year and it ends on my mom’s birthday on July 28, 2012.  So I took it as a sign and decided to continue with this so-called project.


I’m not actually quite sure if I can do this but I say everyone needs a little challenge.  So things in the list are relatively easy, some like me is crazy.  I’m not even sure if this can all be done in less than three years.  I’ve got some friends opinion as well.  Making up a list isn’t easy.  I’ve got to consider the chances or possibilities of attainment.  Being a certified obsessive-compulsive, this list won’t help me at all.


So, I’ll just make an update a year after or as soon as I have achieved one crazy thing from the list. 


If you’d like to check what I’m talking about it is displayed as a separate page of this blog and I’ll cross out the things that I’ve done once I have achieved them.