This is a repost from 2007.

How about having a disclaimer for a start…  Well, I have noticed that writing is really more of inspiration to me.  I need to be motivated to come up with a composition.  And most of the time, my depression and tragedy set the mood for me to do it.  Lately, I have been making up these beautiful choices that led me to be happy and contented.  Sometimes, we just need to know that we made a nice deal for ourselves despite the outcome and we just have to be pleased with it.

Life isn’t perfect.  I’ve learned to accept that fact and embrace fully.  I’ve set my mind to be contented with what I have.

Sometimes, I just feel that life’s too boring; my days are becoming so predictable.  Fun is so much to be hoped for.

But I guess I still have plenty of reasons to be happy, too.  Well, I don’t really need to pinpoint one by one the major reasons, why I am.  Because the truth is, there’s really no list or whatsoever.   I just know that I need to be thankful of the nice things that happened in my life and the chance of journeying it in the most perfect way I believe I can.

Life’s simply amazing…  It’s how you actually chose it to be.  God gave us life for us to make most out of it.  There’s no might have been and could have been.  Live life according to what you want it to be, and believe in God and everything will follow.

This is the beautiful awakening, and I hope you’ll have yours, too.

With this post I am also sharing Stacie Orrico’s Beautiful Awakening.  Hope you like it!