Glee is so much fun to watch.  If you’d find yourself wallowing and whining about sadness and you need to be perked up, I recommend you to watch it 100%.

I really liked the ending of episode 10.  The last song is what I needed to be reminded of.

Just this week, there are nights that I felt like I’m lonely and sad.  I don’t usually get this feeling that much.  That’s why when I feel a little low; I select few sensible friends that I know I can talk to or listen to me as I whine and rant about things.

But unfortunately, I was disappointed.  More on myself than the person I tried to connect with.  I’ve put so much expectation and miscalculated everything.  I should have not put too much pressure on someone and should have listened to what he was saying.

I hate it when I have disagreements with those whom I treasure much.  I feel like I have failed them and I just like to feel awkward when I get to see them.  I hate having or putting gaps.  But what can I do these things happen. I just hope that I can rectify and make him realize that what I needed that time is someone who can just listen and respect that I deserve to have some lonely moments, too even if I’m perky and all.

I just want someone whom I can lean on and listen to me when I’m down.  Was it too much to ask?  I guess so.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t discount friends if they don’t meet my expectations or needs.  I just want them to feel that sometimes I also feel sad and needy.  I just want them to see that there’s also the other side of me.

Anyway, hearing Lean on Me on Glee is like getting an assurance that I have friends who can do that to me.  At least, that’s what I try to believe in and I know I have them around me.

So here it is I’m sharing the clip from the show.  Enjoy!