When Kelly Clarkson released her newest album “All I Ever Wanted”, I immediately liked the 3rd track which is Cry.  I am such a sucker for her pain songs.  Maybe because to some extent I am feeling what she’s trying to express in her music.  Singing her songs in my mind is like venting out my feelings.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not that jaded yet I just like sad songs, it makes me feel human and perks me up to become stronger.  I am an irony in that way.

Going back to the song, so when I learned that it was being played over the radio I was shocked because most of my favorite Kelly tracks didn’t make it to most radio’s playlist especially Beautiful Disaster of which I believe is one of Kelly’s favorites, too.

And lately, I’ve been totally in love with her song “Ready” and I highly doubt that she’d be releasing it as a single.  She has yet to release her track and album title “All I Ever Wanted”.

I just find this song very appropriate for me because most people think that I have a strong personality and it is true to some extent.  But when it comes to the silly game called love, I think I am not.  Hard to believe but it’s true, I am very submissive.  I am a total irony.  At first, I wasn’t aware of it but thru friends’ observation I have come to accept that fact.  Besides, it’s something that I am not afraid of admitting.

I have always believed that nothing will beat a harmonious relationship.  I’m not telling that you shouldn’t argue or fight but it is more of you can always have decent and healthy arguments.  I’d rather be a democrat when I’m in a relationship.  I won’t mind doing most of the giving than taking.  I just find it pointless.

So the song for now is “Ready” though I’m not in hurry and so as desperate to grab anything if there’s one on the table.  Believe me, I’ve just let go of one.

The only thing that I’m really sure of right now is that I’m ready and if you’d like to take the risk, take the chance and probably we can break away together.

And as customary, I’m sharing the link of the song and the lyrics as well. Hope you like it.

Frozen forgetful again
The part where I lose my head
The scene where I’m supposed to speak but instead
I sit and listen again, I’m stuck with these cards I guess

Leaping from this cliff in my thoughts
I fly like the stones in my heart
Drowning in doubt for what reason
I sit so patiently
Drenched in what you want me to be
I can’t escape

I’m ready now oh I’m ready now
Oh I’m ready now come get me

Fearless with cape in hand
Conquer what I need to to mend
Little girls get so broken
But I sit so patiently drenched in what you want me to be
I can’t see no escape

I’m ready now oh I’m ready now
Oh I’m ready now come get me

Through with golden roads and perfect love
Too much of your mouth is like too much sun
How I burn, how I burn
I was so patient, waiting for my turn
Fly like stone
As I break every bone
Come get me

I’m ready now oh I’m ready now
Oh I’m ready now come get me

I’m ready now oh I’m ready now
Oh I’m ready now come get me