I was supposed to publish this highlight last December 6th when I officially reached the 35,000 hits.  Post is delayed by 10 days : (

Anyway, the following are the highlights of this update:

  • Highest # of views in a day was recorded last November 7th with 334 views
  • Highest views in a month totaled to 7,093 this October 2009
  • Highest average views in a day 229 in a month during October

The highlights from the last updates basically remain unchanged.  The highest and most viewed post is still “The one with the Chevy impala” which is Supernatural (the series) related.  It has also the most number of comments which totaled to 28.

I’m just busy right now but I promise to write about my latest trip to Davao and make a review of the two plays that I’ve watched a couple of weeks ago. 

Anyway, all I want to thank my friends and loyal readers for always visiting my work.  I promise to give and write more interesting stuffs in the future.