I was listening to TMR pod cast and Delle mentioned that there’s a way for us to find out what Kind of Twitter User we are… so I’m sharing the link… http://yahoo.knowyourmojo.com/

And here’s my result!

You are: BFF – Our proven scientific method has determined that you are a BFF (Best Friend Forever!).  You’re a great person to know and you love responding to people by name.  So if you are excited about what we’re tweeting, we say “Right back @ you!”

And here is the complete list:

Headliner – You’re the star of the Twitter verse, have tons of followers, and have retweets the likes of Ashton Kutcher and Perez Hilton

Crowd Pleaser – You use lots of hash tags and are in on all the hot conversations

Cheerleader – Retweeting is how you roll

B.F.F. – Your volume of @replies makes you everybody’s best bud

Party Animal – With so many followers, you’re the life of the party

Private Eye – Like any good investigator, you’re following a boatload of people

Concierge – You live for links and sending people to the best stuff

Word Whiz – You’re a natural wordsmith and make the most of your 140 characters

Lone Wolf – You’re more of a low-profile type (some might even accuse you of lurking)

Name Dropper – You use lots of @names when you tweet

Matchmaker – You pass along lots of URLs to make sure everyone’s connected

Wall Flower – You don’t tweet much but you’re still in on the party

Novelist – You have a lot to say and tweet with a lot of characters to prove it

Shadow – You follow lots of people like a good shadow would

Scenester – If there’s a hash tag conversation happening, you’re there

Tweethead – Your high number of retweets shows you like to spread the good stuff