I waited for a moment like this.  I promised myself that I’d never commit the same mistake when Mariah Carey visited the country and I’d buy a good seat just to see Kelly Clarkson Live.  That’s the dream, when I’ve learned that I’d be visiting the US this coming May, I have started to look for tour dates of Duncan Sheik and Kelly Clarkson but I haven’t found one.

And yesterday, someone that I’m following on twitter tweeted about this site (click here) and voila! Kelly Clarkson will be going here to perform live.  I can’t wait for the concert.  Luckily, the concert date is 20 days early than my tentative flight to the US.

I have this feeling that this tour will be about the latest album “All I Ever Wanted” and I’m sure she’d play hits from previous 3 albums.  But what I’m wishing for right now is for her to sing “Beautiful Disaster” if she does, you can kill me after that song.

Anyway, it but rightful to link this song since I’ve really waited for this moment and I’m also linking the website where it all started.