I went out for a 4-day trip this week end that end last Tuesday and since I was out on a vacation, I failed to monitor my hits but I just checked my site’s comments if there was any.  Then last night I’ve discover that my blog reached another 5,000 hits.

My blog site has a total of 45,000 hits to date.  When we say 45 we often think of guns.  That’s what Google displayed when I searched for the number 45.

Anyway, the following are the highlights of this update:

  • The new highest # of views in a day was recorded last January 20th with 402 views
  • Still the highest views in a month totaled to 7,093 this October 2009
  • Still the highest average views in a day 229 in a month during October

I’ve never felt this busy lately.  Since, I’ve become an active rusher my life has changed. It’s a welcome change.  I love what’s happening with my life right now.  I’m gaining more friends day by day.

Well, this is basically it, not so much to post.  The posts that will be coming in the next few days are the Davao trip last December and Kota Kinabalu just this week end.  So wait for it. Thank you for always reading my blog.