I think it’s about time to do my updates to my 101 things to do in 1001 days.  Funny thing is I’m doing this update after 111 days. Funny? Well not really. Ha-ha!

Anyway, I’ll be starting off with the things that I’ve already achieved.  Here is the list:

#3 Say hello to different person you didn’t know. – I’ve done this during my trip.  It’s always helpful to say hi and hello to locals and foreigners.

#22 Get your photo featured on a site/blog. – Group picture was taken during TMR Christmas EB and it was featured on Chico’s blog.  Some friends actually saw it so I guess this is considered as done.

#24 Listen to all the songs on my Ipod without skipping any.  – Again, I was able to achieved this during my trip last February.  It took me a week to finish my 150 songs in my IPod.

#26 Do some hiking. – I’ve done this twice the first time was when I went to Davao and hiked Mountain Eden then when I went to Kota Kinabalu and hiked the Kinabalu Park.

#31 Drink 8 glasses of water everyday (in a week). – Well, I’ve realized this is possibly one of the first things that I’ve achieved.  I drink water a lot.

#32 Make friend with a stranger.  – Again during my trip I was able to be friends with two Americans.  The 1st one was our room mate in the dorm where I stayed in and the 2nd one was the one with whom we hiked with.

#55 Don’t ride a taxi to work for a day.  – Done this third week of January when Chico and Delle were on a trip outside the country and they weren’t able to do the show. My official timer was shut off for days and I was still adjusting to the new place I’m staying at. Hell day for me.

#77 Watch a Broadway play. – I was able to watch 3 Broadway plays staged with Philippine production. It’s Sweeney Todd, Spelling Bee and Spring Awakening and I will be watching Rent on the 26th of February.


And here’s the rest of my updates:

#11 Attend a Concert (at least 3 concerts).  – I was able to watch Ne-yo live in concert and I’m planning to watch Kelly Clarkson.

#15 Eat 5 exotic foods. During my trip to Kota Kinabalu I was able to eat Salak – a local fruit and crocodile meat.

#18 Gain and maintain weight (140 pounds).  – I’m almost there, the last time I’ve checked my weight and I weigh 138 pounds.

#29 Make 38 movie reviews. – I just couldn’t believe it since I’ve posted my 101 I’ve done only 1 movie review.  This is disappointing me.

#30 Watch every single episode of American Idol. – Obviously, American Idol isn’t over yet but I have watched every episode so far.

#41 Watch 38 films. – I’ve watched 8 movies in the cinema (500 Days of Summer, New Moon, 2012, All About Steve, Avatar, The Rebound, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Valentine’s Day) and will count those that I’ve watched at home.

#42 Make 38 Music reviews. – I have more than 8 posts with songs inspired in my blog already.