Letting go is one of the hardest lessons in life.   It can be situations, things, memories, people and even yourself.  It’s easy to form an attachment with these things but letting go of these is another story.  There are many things that we have to learn for us to perfect the art of letting go.


Today’s Top Ten topic “Signs that you have to let go” on my favorite show The Morning Rush touched me badly.


I have been trying to control my feelings these past few weeks, something that I have learned from the past.  This is something that I am proud of. Some even say that I’m doing a great job, because if you really know me, you’d be surprised that I’m acting like nothing happened.


Maybe, I’m just tired of being emotional and lonely.  I just don’t find it necessary.  I feel it’ll be too much for me to give an additional time and my time need not be wasted.


I don’t actually hate the topic, in fact, I find the timing perfect.  I just feel it has opened something and I think the world is conspiring in a good way.


Why? First, because I know that everyone will agree with me on this that I deserve better. Second, there’s no point to wallow on small things, the world won’t end just because of that.  Third, Happiness is a Choice, and I’m choosing the smart ride.  I’d like to remain happy and hopeful.  Lastly, and I strongly believe that even CRAPPY days end.  Better days are so on its way.  I just feel it.


So I guess it’s really time for me to start anew.


I’ve got a great list of friends (mental check),

the positive attitude (mental check),

the love (mental check),

and the hope (mental check).