Next week my blog will be 2 years old and I’ve expected that my 50,000 hits will coincide that day at the very least.  For the last two weeks my blog views went down as compared with the past weeks.  Then middle of the week last week, it went up high again.  Last Saturday without me noticing it my blog earned another 5,000 hits that sealed my first 50,000 hits since its inception.

Anyway the highlights basically are unchanged from the last update.

  • The highest # of views in a day was recorded last January 20th with 402 views
  • Still the highest views in a month totaled to 7,093 this October 2009
  • Still the highest average views in a day 229 in a month during October

For my loyal readers, thank you very much for always visiting my blog.  Here’s for almost two years of non-sense, emotional and crazy stuff! Cheers!