I’m uniquely weird like Phoebe. I’d fight for a friend like Joey, I’m competitive and attention freak like Monica… have a pathetic love life like Ross. I am push over at times like Rachel and definitely I have a lot of funny antics like Chandler.” These are the traits why I consider myself as the 7th member of Friends.

And I’d just like to share this video as a testament of how I am like Joey, who would fight for a friend and would practically do everything for them. (Thanks to Evil inside for making this clip for my blog)

And lately, I’ve been very lucky for having my rusher friends.  I’ve felt like having Joey around me and he has been multiplied.  They didn’t just watch my back but they’ve also fought for me when I’ve started to back down.  The past week has really been hard for me.  I tried to be silent the whole time because I don’t want to drag anyone since the issue is just between the two parties involved.


But I can’t blame them for being overly protective.  My kindness is at a fault.  Or should I say, everything has been mistaken as kindness.  Because I strongly believe that, “It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend.” And I totally agree with this, I am forgiving him for what he has done but I am also forgetting him as a friend.


Besides, I couldn’t stay friends with someone who doesn’t even know that he has done something wrong and was totally acting like he didn’t do anything bad.  He’s ignorance and insensitivity is simply unbelievable.  It actually makes me wonder if he has really considered me as a friend at all.


Plus, I just couldn’t accept the premise that he has to gather his courage to ask for apology.  Shouldn’t it be the aggrieved party’s right to have the luxury of time to forgive and not to wait for the offender to make the move, right?


Anyway, I have to forgive and let go as the saying goes, “Forgiveness forces you to grow, because when you forgive someone you have the power to let them go and move on.” I am ready to move on and forget about everything.  Besides, what’s the point of holding on to the anger; it will only give me nothing and will hamper my growth.  I will certainly leave the pieces behind and learn from this experience.  The important thing is I have my true friends beside me, they love me and everything will be okay.