When I think of 2nd year, High school comes back to my mind.  This was the year I’ve surprised myself for being part of the top ten then.  I surprised everyone and marked myself as someone.  But that was just a short-lived thing, I didn’t take it seriously and I can’t maintain it my classmates are way too smart.



Anyway, today I’m celebrating my blog’s Cotton anniversary.  Yes, same date two years ago I’ve decided to take pictures of the sunset and made it as my inspiration to write about.

Today, I’ve posted 174 posts under 9 categories and counting comments from friends and random blog readers.


A year ago I wasn’t able to celebrate the day since it was the time I got back from my US trip and I lost track of time.  Hopefully I can do this again next year which made me think, the last 2 years there are always reason to celebrate so what’s in store for me this year?  

Well, I am not sure yet but I might have something to look forward to tonight but not the one I wanted it to be.


I’d just like to thank my readers and visitors; I’m definitely looking forward to another year of writing random stuff here.