My blog’s views during the month of March were really crazy.  In 23 days it got a total of 5,000 hits and summed up my blog’s views to 55,000 hits.

It was crazy that I thought it would break the all-time high for the highest average views in a day and in a month.

But unfortunately, average views in a day fell short just by 2 days and month’s views fell short by just 63 views.

Anyway the highlights basically are unchanged from the last update.

  • The highest # of views in a day was recorded last January 20th with 402 views
  • Still the highest views in a month totaled to 7,093 this October 2009
  • Still the highest average views in a day 229 in a month during October

For my loyal readers, thank you very much for always visiting my blog.  Cheers!