Yahoo! #YourPurpleThumb campaign is where opinions of the Yahoo! Philippines users’ community are encouraged to be shared and let their voices be heard for the upcoming 2010 Presidential Elections.

It is Yahoo’s thrust and effort to report election developments in the community and at the same time tap the users to contribute.

Actually, here are ways that you can do to participate and this is all done through Yahoo! Meme. This includes:

  • Share why you are voting this coming election. Add the #YourPurpleThumb to make your opinion be part of those who shared their perspective.
  • If you found interesting news item, video, and audio clips in relation to the elections, share them. Make sure to add the #PurpleThumb hash tag at the end of your Yahoo! Meme post to make it visible to everyone monitoring election related content shared in the site.

This isn’t the only reason why I am posting about #YourPurpleThumb.  Another reason is they have a promo that’s running since April 12 until May 21 excluding week ends.  RX’s The Morning Rush Meme account will be posting the question for the day and all you have to do is leave a comment/ your answer to win an IPod shuffle.  Daily winners will be drawn and on the last day Yahoo will be giving away a purple Dell T4300 laptop.

It is that easy.  By the way, I’ve just won an IPod last Wednesday April 21st. So go ahead and try it. Good luck!