Coming out of the closet can really be scary but my story was different.

I can still remember we are having some family drama that time.  Everything was dramatic and I don’t remember being scared that time since I was trying to make a point, a point that was very well taken.  I guess it’s a combination of perfect timing, confidence and so what I don’t care attitude.

Well I actually came out to my brothers during that occasion then a year after to my sister.  The latter’s case was more fun since I’m really my sister’s brother and friend.  She was here for a visit and we were reminiscing and catching up then everything was history.

I have yet to officially come out to my parents but I don’t really find it necessary.  I know that we are all just waiting for the formality.  I know that they already know it and they’re probably waiting for the cat to get out of the bag.

Like in the case for Brothers and Sisters, Nora knows that Kevin is gay and was just waiting for him to find himself and accept it.

Gays today are luckier because it is easier to come out.  Society has accepted and somehow given gays and lesbian alike more room and right to be out.  During my younger years, aside from the taint that you’d get from being one, there’s mockery and disrespect thus the birth of fear to most.

Luckily, I didn’t get much of these but I had share of it and unfortunately it came from good friends.  It is the one moment in my life where I’ve discovered who my friends are.  It has also helped me overcome fear and has accepted and respected myself more.  There were no friendship ending but there was a temporary little gap between parties,  I’m also proud to say that I matured after bracing that storm in my life.

And all was reached because I’ve learned to listen and forgive.  When you start listening to those who have hurt you, and you try to open up with them, forgiveness will be inevitable.  Fear is defeated; happiness and acceptance will be unleashed.

Maybe I’m just lucky that my story had a happy ending but all I want to say is, let’s stop being afraid of what others would say and start loving yourself by being true to one’s self.  Fear not what society dictates.  Live by your own want and happiness besides it is your own life and not theirs to waste.  Learn how to communicate with your heart with all honesty because it is only thing that matters.

I’m sharing the song from the Brothers and Sisters’ season 4 episode 19 entitled It’s Only Fear by Alexi Murdoch and the clip where Kevin finally faced Nora for the first time after learning about a secret she had kept from him for more than 25 years.