The Heroes vs. Villains Season of Survivor is crazy.  It is one season that you shouldn’t miss.  It is on its 10th episode and it has the 2nd blind side of the season already.

The 10th episode’s highlight was the merge of the two tribes.  Both have equal number of survivors, 5 each for the heroes and the villains but with the suicidal move of JT from last episode they have handed their own fate to the villains.

JT is the dumbest survivor I have ever seen.  I am not even a survivor cast away but 1 thing I’ve learned from watching the series is that one should not trust anyone except thy self.

So I’ll skip the long story and fast forward to the juiciest part.  Parvati blind-sided the heroes by giving the immunity idol to Sandra and Jerri.  She kept a secret from Russell.  Funny thing is Russell has been claiming that he is the king of the tribe because he thought he has full control of the game.  Unfortunately, he failed to recognize that Parvati was the queen.

This is where it’ll get tricky.  Parvati will most probably lose Russell’s allegiance since she kept a secret and betrayed him.  She just lost another chance of protecting herself more in the game since she gave away the idol.  But I think in return she’ll get the respect and allegiance of Jerri and Sandra since she made self-sacrifice and they’re indebted to her.  But then again, this is survivor and debts don’t matter.  Promises are made to be broken especially and one’s life is set on the chopping board.

You can make a lot of speculations with the developments and it is getting more exciting one after the episode.  I am officially addicted to the series again.  I’m glad I’ve tried watching it again.

I ripped the portion of the tribal council to show and share with you how genius Parvati is.  I really hope that she’ll win the game again.  Yes I used the word again because Parvati won the game before.  Enjoy!