I’ll start my post with this explanation since one of my friends doesn’t trust my blog views.

About the math

If you try to verify our computations using the numbers in these tables you might get different results. The logic is explained here.

  • An average is the sum of views divided by the number of days.
  • We exclude days prior to the first recorded view and future days.
  • Yearly averages are computed from sums, not an average of monthly averages.
  • Averages are rounded to the nearest integer for display.
  • Gray zeroes are exactly zero. Black zeroes have been rounded down.
  • Percent change is computed from weekly averages before they are rounded.

Just a note: we don’t count your own visits to your blog.

Well it is purely technical but I’m not saying I didn’t bother analyze it because I actually did.

Back to business this post celebrates another 5,000 hits that sums up my blog’s total views to 60,000 hits.  The highlights are unchanged from the last 2 or 3 posts so I won’t bother do a rundown on this post.

For my loyal readers, thank you very much for always visiting my blog.  Cheers!