As early as July 2009 our family planned this reunion.  This activity will entail a big budget so I saved up money upon getting the idea.  The first question was where will it be, in the Philippines or in the US?  It was resolved last September 2009 when our parents needed to migrate to the US.  It being held here in the US bought me time to meet my good friends in high school who are already staying here.  


Last Tuesday I got the chance to meet and spend time with them.  They took a time off from work and I am really touched and thankful they did.  I had a blast.  I can even say I had the best experience of my life.  We went to Union City to do the indoor sky diving.  At first upon hearing the idea, I was anxious if this activity will entail us to go to a high place then jump needless to say that idea made me a little scared but nonetheless excited. 


To give you more idea of what I’ve experienced read on. 

iFly is a facility that provides a safe way to experience true human flight as skydivers do. Our vertical wind tunnel accurately simulates free-fall at speeds of 120 to 150+ miles per hour, without jumping, falling, or heights. 

iFly is extremely safe. Gone are the many risks that are inherent in skydiving. There are no airplanes or parachutes to worry about. Our highly-trained instructors are right beside you, to assist you in learning basic maneuvers and to make sure you feel completely in control throughout your entire flight. 

The flight chamber is lined with an elastic mesh at the bottom, which you can walk and rest your body on. Most flying is done within a few feet above the net, so there is almost no risk of injury due to falls, instruction, and quality of the airflow. 

Almost anyone can fly, including seniors and children as young as 3 years old. If you weigh more than 250 pounds, please call to ask if we can accommodate you. Children under 18 years of age must have a parent or guardian present to fill out and sign the necessary waiver forms. 

Those of you with a history of back problems or shoulder dislocations should check with your physician before flying. 

Most beginning flyers will begin to tire after 2 to 4 minutes of flight time. Physically speaking, it is a workout similar to swimming. 


To learn more of IFly you can visit their website here.  If you have the time and nothing better to do, you should try it.  It’s worth every peso. 

Here are the pictures taken during my flight. 


I believe I can fly



Special thanks to Pi-anne, Thea and Elmer for this wonderful experience.