I am on a 3-week vacation right now and I thought it’ll be easier for me to write and update my blog since I don’t have anything better to do but just rest and spend time with my family.  But I was wrong and I have underestimated my sister’s travel plans.  The first 10 days was really jam packed. And I wasn’t able to visit my blog everyday as I used to.

Today my current blog’s views have reached a total of 75,000 hits.  It has reached the 70,000 mark last May 21st.   I was that busy that’s why I have failed to update that time.

Anyway, here are the highlights of this update:

  • The highest # of views in a day was recorded last May 14th with 676 views
  • The highest views in a month totaled to 12,383 last May 2010
  • The highest average views in a day is 399 during the month of May 2010

If you are following this blog, you’d notice that the statistics have finally changed and I find it crazy since during the time that I have updated my blog that often was the month where the statistics went crazy.

For my loyal readers, thank you very much for always visiting my blog.  Expect more posts in the coming days.  Cheers!