In less than 2 weeks my blog hits’ total reached the 5,000 mark leaving my blog’s total views to 80,000.  For the past 2 weeks it’s average views per day is 384 which is lower than the average number of views last May.  I wasn’t able to monitor it last month and I can’t imagine if I did.

The highlights of this update are basically unchanged from last update post.

  • The highest # of views in a day was recorded last May 14th with 676 views
  • The highest views in a month totaled to 12,383 last May 2010
  • The highest average views in a day is 399 during the month of May 2010

The most read topic was about The Supernatural (show) and Chevy Impala just for the month of June it already got more than 5,000 hits and its getting 186 views a day on the average.  The topic was written August of 2008.  I didn’t expect it and I really find it crazy.

Again to my loyal readers, thank you very much for always visiting my blog.  Cheers!