I fell in love with Jake Gyllenhaal when I watched “The Day After Tomorrow” which was my first movie that I’ve watched alone.  That time was when I started to embrace the reality that I can be alone and independent.  I actually love the fact and became proud of myself.

Back to the story, that year I became fonder of him after learning that he co-starred with Jeniffer Aniston who I adore so much. I even asked my mom to buy me a DVD of the movie since I can’t find one here.  And part of being in-love with him I started to check out his movies and Donnie Darko was one of it.  Unfortunately, I got too busy, I’ve lost time and I totally forgot about the movie despite reading good reviews.  Then this year after meeting two good friends while discussing about movies on two separate occasions, Donnie Darko was one of those movies that they’ve recommended.

With today’s technology I was able to get a copy of the movie and decided to watch it finally.  It actually took me two days and another couple of days to finally realize how crazy-good the movie is.

For me, it is romantic though tragic.  But, I can’t discount the fact that it was really romantically written.  What I really liked about the movie was it was non-conformist.  It went out of the usual love stories and crappy I mean too-good-to-be true endings.

Why you might ask?  For the reason, Donnie Darko was a misunderstood but very intelligent guy.  He’s most of the time opinionated and he had no qualms in voicing out his ideas.  That’s one thing that I really loved about him.  Yes, I have a thing for handsome, good-looking and superbly intelligent guys.  But being intelligent and weird has a price, he was emotionally challenged and it seemed that he wasn’t accepted in his time.  He had an imaginary friend Frank who told him about the possibility of time travel and made him do crazy things with the assurance that he won’t get caught.  Frank even told Donnie that in 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds, the world will end.

Going back to the element of love in the story, one day he met Gretchen a new girl in town and they became closer.  This is the part where for me at least it became romantic but tragic.  The 28th day, close call to the last 6 hours, he saw the imaginary tubes leading to a place, he immediately grabbed Gretchen hurried to where it is leading with the thought of it being the answer to all of his questions about time travel when Gretchen was accidentally ran over by a car driven by Donnie’s sister’s boyfriend in a suit that looked like his imaginary friend.  Gretchen died and he shot Frank.  He carried her and followed the tube that led to a place.  The 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds made sense.  He sacrificed his own life for Gretchen’s thru time travel.  This is the part where I didn’t see tragedy but more of true romantic love.

It’s rare for someone to sacrifice one’s life because of love to think how much power someone can get through time travel.  That’s the true meaning of love, no price, full of pure intention and unconditional.

The end of the story/movie was even made more dramatic with Mad World being played on the background.  I’m attaching that part of the movie.  If you have free time to watch a movie, this one should be part of your must-see. You’ll love it.