One thing that I have inherited from my father is the love for fruits.  Fruits have always been a part of our meals.  During summers he’d buy us kaings of mangoes and not only pilings of bananas but the whole entire thing.  I’d get excited to eat desserts rather than the main dish, that’s how I love fruits.  I’ve associated desserts with fruits so much.  I’d be as excited to eat fruit salad on Christmas day as to opening gifts. I’d eat at Kenny Rogers not because of their chicken but more of the thrill of eating fresh fruits after meals.  I’d eat fruits while I’m working.  Fruits will always be part of my grocery list and it actually gives me a different level of satisfaction whenever I see our fridge filled with fruits.  I can actually go on and on with my list on how much I love fruits.

Whenever I think of fruits this song always comes to my mind and it also reminds me of 2nd grade.  I hate to admit it but this song makes me wanna dance, too.

While doing this post it made me think what are my favorite fruits, I mean I know what fruits I like (and I love lots of fruits) but I just want to share my top five at least.  If I were to make a list these fruits will be on top of my list.

First of the list is strawberry I love this without whip cream; I just want the citrus flavor.  Well, I actually love citrus fruits than sweet ones.  Then 2nd on my list is peach though I can’t actually recall if I were able to taste a fresh peach, I think I haven’t.  I usually buy those in cans only.  The 3rd one would be mangosteen because of its seasonality and exotic flavor.  4th would be green apples.  Yes I love it more than the red ones as I have said before I love citrus fruits.

And I have to say my 5th favorite fruit would be… the annoying orange!  Please see the clip below to see why. Haha!