Planning a family reunion isn’t really easy especially in our case we live in three different continents and major sacrifice has to be made not to mention that we have to be prepared financially.

Then we all have decided to do it in the US since my parents and my only sister are there and it’ll be more economical and practical for us to spend it there.

The next problem was the itinerary and there are only two places that I’d like to visit, one is to go a beach and second is to go to Lego land so that was my only request.  So you’ll have an idea this is the link to Lego land, California.  (Click here).  Luckily, both of my wishes were granted.

The child in me is still there.  I’d often find myself going gaga over Lego when I was younger.  Well actually until now especially when they had a tie-up with Star Wars.  And who wouldn’t fall in-love with those toys?

Here’s a perfect example of how adorable these toys are.  (Click here to be convinced)

They even have videos on YouTube that I really find very amazing!

Lo and behold the journey to Lego land was one of my happiest days.  I’ve seen mini cities brought into life, F1 tracks, dinosaurs, the un-thinkable rides.  It was something that we have enjoyed as a family.  In fact, my sister and her family went back for a second visit that’s how fun that visit was.

And I have to mention the Lego shop is a must visit, luckily I controlled myself I only bought 5 Lego Star wars key chains.  (Yoda, R2D2, C3PO, Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper)  I really wanted to buy all of them but I am on a tight budget and I don’t want to lose control.  Thank God I was successful with taking control of myself.  My favorites are Yoda and the Storm Trooper.

Then when I got back here, I totally lost control when I saw this beautiful Lego Star wars edition watch of Darth Vader.  The watch has a Darth Vader action figure and I rest my case.

Lego and Star Wars will always make me happy.  Not only because I am addicted to them but because it reminds me of my good old childhood memories.