I have been on twitter since April 16th of last year that’s according to www.dabr.co.uk.  It’s the twitter application I use in the office since the actual application is blocked in our company.  According to this application I tweet about 69.1 tweets per day.  That’s me and what I have to say, right?  You see, I grew up in a family who is very opinionated.  My dad encouraged us to reason and voice out our opinions in a very early age.  He trained us to respect others opinions and what they have to say.

I have always believed that true intelligence can be measured not by how much you have to say but with how much you have listened.  I’m talkative and everyone knows that but only true friends know that I listen more than I talk.  This might actually surprise you but that’s the truth.

Anyway, I am writing this post because I want to talk about my views about twitter and why I am fond of it and how it can actually make and break a friendship.

When I registered to twitter I didn’t expect that I’d get followers and that they’d actually find my random thoughts worth reading thus the need for them to follow me.  And as a golden rule that I’ve set to myself is that I’d follow everyone back just as long as they can keep me entertained.  And I have believed that same principle should also apply to me.  So if ever I get unfollowed I don’t actually mind at all.  It is their prerogative and I respect that.

One more thing that I didn’t expect is to get followers and making few of them as my friends.  Not just friends but good friends.

It is a platform where you can meet people whom you think is interesting enough and before you know it you are starting to build friendship with them.  But don’t be fooled by it, it can only start one but not actually make one.  Virtual friends can never be compared with real ones.  Trust should always be present in such a relationship.

This really surprised me; I have never imagined hurting someone by my tweets.  Well, I know that words can really hurt. But I’m not the kind of person who would do it on twitter just to get other’s attention.  If I have any problems with someone I’d totally tell it to them directly.  That’s how I want my followers know about me.  When I tweet I just say random fucking ideas and thoughts.  I don’t go there to rant about someone; I just don’t see the point especially if it’s someone who’s following me back.   I’m the kind of person who would save the followers from garbage tweets.

Yes I have mentioned that twitter can actually make your followers become your friends but it can also make them your enemies which shouldn’t be the case.  Twitter can be used as a social networking site but the operative word is “can be used”.  It shouldn’t be made as one.  Twitter should always remain as a facility to dump your fucking random ideas and thoughts and having followers dig in to that.  There’s nothing more and nothing less.  Respect should always be put when you are on twitter.  If you don’t want what you’re seeing, there’s the unfollow button.  If they don’t want to follow you back it’s their prerogative.  Friends may not also follow and agree on your thoughts and idea and that’s how it works.  So if you are having problems with trust and respect I don’t think twitter is for you.

This is really weird for me to talk about but it might help people who aren’t on twitter yet.  Here’s some etiquette that I actually try to follow but I’m at times on epic fail because I’m not good with rules myself. Anyway, hope this can be useful.

  • It’s okay to follow people you don’t know on Twitter. They can choose whether or not to follow you back.
  • It’s okay to unfollow people on Twitter. Unfollowing doesn’t automatically mean “I don’t like you.” There are many other reasons.
  • It’s okay to @reply someone a question or comment vs. direct message, especially if it’s an idea where others might weigh in or add a perspective.
  • It’s better to direct message someone if you’re making 1:1 plans or having a very focused, personal conversation.

These are just simple rules but I still think the biggest rule that you should know is how to respect other’s opinion and prerogative.