I’ve always loved Duncan Sheik’s For You since he released the album “Daylight”.  This is my “Please marry me song”.  If I’ll have my significant other sing this to me, I won’t say no to it.  I may sound weird but I tag the songs that I like.  In fact, I used to love break up songs.  I’d imagine myself listening to these songs while crying over break ups.  But those were the days; I prefer listening to bitter songs nowadays. Just kidding!

Then a friend suggested me the song “I’m yours” by The Script.  It took me months before I’ve checked it out even if I already have the song all along.  I just wasn’t expecting that the group would come up with a song like that.  Then I finally had my lazy bones listen to the song and VOILA! The song really moved me.  Moral of the story: “When someone suggests you a song listen to it first”.

Listening to it made me think when will this time come (again) for me?  When will someone just tell me that he’s mine?  I’m really complicated and I’m the kind who’d easily falter when I find inconsistencies.  At times, I think I’m not even meant to have a relationship with someone.  I need someone who’d control me and give me assurance of their love especially when I don’t feel as much as I’m expecting to.  That’s why this song moved me, its sentiment and how it was sung was just perfect.  It melted my heart.  It made me hope for that day to come again when someone’s going to give me reassurance of thy love.  Though, honestly I don’t think I’m ready for one.  It’s just too soon.

Anyway, I’m attaching two YouTube links the first is a live version and the second one is the album version.  Enjoy and let me know what you think of the song.