I got lucky to be invited to watch the premiere of The Avatar: The Last Airbender few weeks back.  And I’ve watched the movie before getting hooked on the series.  After watching the movie, my movie buddies’ comments made me curious why the movie has turned out as a big disappointment to them.  As someone who hasn’t watched the series, I find the movies’ effects good but the story lines are all messed up and I didn’t quite get what was the story all about.  There are scenes from the movie that will make you wonder why it is even part of the movie, and you wouldn’t just get it.  I think the biggest mistake of M. Night Shyamalan is to take out the fun in the movie.  He made the story too serious and took out the funny antics of Aang and Sokka.

Anyway, I’ll just talk about how much I’ve enjoyed the series then.  It was really funny.  The comic timing was really good.  Well what do you expect, its target market are kids.  The plot in the series was greatly developed.  Once you watched the first episode there’s a big tendency that you won’t stop watching for more.  I was amazed with Katara, she was full of courage.  Sokka may be funny, sarcastic but he’s smart.  Aang’s character is believable, though he knows he’s powerful and he’s the avatar the child in him was kept and it made the story believable.  You can feel Zuko’s rage and frustration but it didn’t make the series too dark thanks to General Iroh’s character.

Watching the series made me wish I can do any of the element bending.  I was actually teased by friends that I’d prolly be a fire bender. I took a test on Facebook and it suggested that I’m a Firebender and I’m not quite convinced yet.  I still believe I can pass as a member of the water tribe because I am adaptable and peaceful.  Haha!

I’m now currently watching the 2nd season, the Book of Earth and the new characters made the story more interesting.  I’ll write about the 2nd book in a different post.  I’m sharing a YouTube link of a promotional trailer of the cartoons.