I don’t believe in Friday the 13th.  For me, things like that is just conspiracy theory.  People tend to blame the unpleasant things that happen around them to other reasons other than the truth.  They need to make an escape goat to somehow explain the things that happen to them.  When in fact, we don’t have to analyze everything and leave it be.  Sorry, I don’t want to sound like a master of everything but this is just what I think.  I still believe that we have the power to control the things that happen to us by keeping a positive view in life.


Funny thing is a series of unfortunate events happened to me last Saturday.  The first being the worst, one of my closest and perhaps the most important guy (not in a romantic way though sometimes I wish it was) in my life right now bade me good bye.  Here’s the story, I got home late from the BoyzIIMen concert, I think it’s almost 2:30 am and as a routine I always open my computer to queue my downloads and check on what’s happening in the virtual world, I’ve discovered that my net book’s keyboards isn’t functioning.  (Oops, that counts as my first unfortunate event)  Then, I called him up to help me with my problem and we solved it.  I was supposed to hang up when he said something that made me cry.  He said that after that call I won’t be hearing from him again.  Though he promised that it might be temporary and the time is just uncertain.  Upon hearing the word uncertain just crashed my world.


Hearing words of good bye from someone important is not the choice that you’d choose to hear for yourself.  I just couldn’t help myself but cry.  I know that as friend I should support him with his decision.  Okay, I am admitting that moment I was selfish and too clingy but you can’t blame me.  Our friendship is just few weeks short of a year but the quality of this relationship is strong.  We’ve been thru the lowest and happiest moment in our lives.  He has been there during the times that I felt like giving up.  And it didn’t happen once.  I was just too afraid to face out the world without him around.  I know that this is unfair for my other friends because like him they’re capable of giving me the support and love.  But this guy is exceptional.  He may not know it but he’s one of the persons that I drew my strength from.


We talked for more than 45 minutes and I cried the whole time.  I had to bade him good bye and hang up because it’s few minutes before sunrise.  We were able to send few messages to each other until I passed out from crying.


I still woke up early and decided that I’d go out to the mall to buy a replacement keyboards and I replaced my router since the connection inside my room isn’t as stable as before.  Technically, that would count as my third unfortunate event.  These events are too expensive, too.


Then guess what?  Just few blocks away from my destination a truck smashed thru my car’s side mirror.  Good thing, it left me with a broken glass and the side mirror’s base was still intact.  Then it doesn’t end there, the last unfortunate event was, I lost my Nanay Sol and my niece Cassie in the mall.  I went inside a shop when they decided to stroll around.  We always do then we just call each other to meet up but this time it didn’t work out as it should be because my Nanay Sol left her mobile at home.  After 2 hours of searching I finally decided to give up and saw them right before the exit.


I know that there’s no major unfortunate event that happened.  I actually see that Saturday was somehow a test of my strength.  My first day without him was such a mess.  Not having him around during that time was the hardest.  But like what he has said, I’ll get by and I can do it with or without my friends help.


My good friend Erna told me this and I really liked it, “Your support with what he’s going through right now maybe the best payback for all the help he gave you. Smile.”  I may not fully understand why he has to do it this way but I’m giving him my 100% support and hopes that the best will come out of it.


Most of the time we don’t understand what’s happening with our life but that shouldn’t stop us from accepting the truth and keeping an open mind about it.  With this, I remain to be hopeful that the best is yet to come.  As my favorite lines say, “Even crappy days like happy days end!”  No good byes but only until we meet again.