On September 4th my parents have been away for a year.  On the 23rd is my sister’s birthday. And whenever September comes these are the other things that come to my mind:

  1. Radio starts playing Christmas songs which I totally hate
  2. Bee Gees’ song September reminds me of my “pare” who sang it during a band competition and his birth month, too
  3. Floods, the Ondoy tragedy
  4. 9-ll attack in NYC back in 2001
  5. Greenday’s Wake Me Up When September Ends which was actually inspired by number 4
  6. And lastly, is the season premiere of my favorite shows.

First off the list is Survivor which will be premiering on September 15th.  It’ll be the 21st season from the franchise. The cast-aways will be spending the 39 days on Nicaragua.  I have just recently rediscovered my love for the show after not watching for years when I was compared with Parvati Shallow.  Some friends say that I am as manipulative as Parvati is and I love her for being the sneaky little bitch that she is.

Next is Supernatural on its 6th Season and will be premiering on September 24th.  I was actually happy because all I thought was the 5th season will be there last not until the producers made their final say early this year and revealed that the show will be up for another season.  Season 6th will be all about revelation, the final days of Sam and Dean Winchester and the Apocalypse.  I can’t wait to see this show.

Last and definitely not the least is the show, Brothers and Sisters.  The show will be aired on September 26th for its 5th season.  The season finale shocked me and left me with lots of questions.  Did Robert die? What will happen to Saul?  Will the new business be successful and encounter less problems as the water business?  But I have one big question that I really want to be answered is it true that 3 of their regular casts left?

I knew even before that Rob Lowe is leaving the story prepared me for that.  I was shocked to learn that Emily’s leaving, I like her.  But what’s really depressing despite the obvious reduced exposure of his role is Tommy.

I just can’t take that Tommy will actually leave the show, I just can’t take it.  Upon reading about it, I just went back to the list of what reminds me of September and made me listen to this. Can you just wake me up when September starts so I’ll have my answers?