I was on a roll last Monday I have finished 3 movies. I don’t usually watch movies at home that often.  I actually find it weird that I still buy copy of movies but end up not watching them for weeks and worst even months.  Maybe because I know that it’ll always be there and at least it’s handy to have them available when my schedule permits me to do so. 


I usually blog about the movies that I have watched only if I have been moved and I liked the story.  Not to mention, if I’m not procrastinating.  And as I was doing this post, I’ve just realized that I have not posted or blogged about a movie that I didn’t like.  What I’d do usually is pretend that I didn’t watch the movie, forget about it and pray to God for the director’s discernment that he’d find the light in the darkness.  Well, the last one was just said to exaggerate.



Anyway, I’m in the mood to diss.  My 1st victim would be the movie, “The Diary of a Wimpy Kid”.  It is a live action adaptation of Jeff Kinney’s illustrated novel about a boy and his search for middle school status change.  First, I just don’t believe that a book like that would be written and be read and worst made a movie.  Well, sorry but the movie wasn’t that bad at all.  Maybe, I have just lost my sense of humor when I watched it.  I just hope I don’t sound so crabby right now.


Or am I just too serious?  Maybe, I just didn’t understand it because I’ve never felt the need to be famous when I was younger.  I never felt the pressure to be accepted by many.  I have always believed in what I can do and what I am.  I’m not saying that I am perfect and I don’t have insecurities back then.  I do or should I say I had my fair share of insecurities, I’ve just chosen not to be overshadowed by it.

What really disappointed me was how can someone exchange his friendship with the status of being famous?  Could anyone be that desperate?  I think the set-up was too unrealistic for me and that part of the plot I didn’t like.  But I get it, that’s exactly what Jeff Kinney wants his reader to know that being famous isn’t everything much the same way with happiness and success.


I guess as someone who didn’t undergo the pain of being rejected by peers.  I have realized a different perspective of the story.  For kids at middle school it is about the “being accepted and famous” and everything will revolve around it.  As to when you get older it’ll be about happiness and success.  And at the end of it, would you compromise your friends or family just to have that in return and forever lose them in your life?  For me, of course the answer would be a resounding Hell NO!  It turned out that I have learned something about the movie after all maybe I actually enjoyed the movie and I was just denying it. Ha-ha!