Secret as defined by the dictionary means something that is kept hidden.

I think that everyone has at least a secret.  Some maybe are just embarrassing things that they wouldn’t want to share like admitting who farted.  Funny as you may think about it but technically it is a secret.  I think it’s still debatable if farting can really fall under secrets since things like this shouldn’t be discussed at all.  And thinking about it is a lousy thing to build my premise.

Anyway, I’m writing this post because I have been told secrets before and I’m really flattered whenever friends trust me with their secrets.  My secret (oops do I really have to do this?) is whenever I am told that it’s a secret I just erase them from my memories in a way.  I put them on archive and won’t talk about it unless if my friend brings it up again.  But lately, there are things that are bothering me.  I’ve just realized that there are secrets you don’t want to hear.  There are things that are hard to be kept especially when you know that the person keeping this will hurt those whom they love.

Now I’ve been asking myself, how do you deal with that?  It’s a choice between good and bad, trust and loyalty, friendship.  Sometimes you pretend that these are white lies to protect yourself from your own guilt.  To preserve your relationship with those you love.

One thing I can say about this thing is that secrets can also be considered as lies.  It’s not easy not to tell a lie but I believe that one can actually avoid it.  It has been proven that keeping a lie is much harder than telling the truth.  One lie will entail a series of lies for you to back it up in short it’ll be requiring you more effort to pull it off as truth.  I don’t mean to sound too preachy but you can just tell I’m in a crossroad about a certain secret and I have decided that I’ll just tell my friend my honest thought about it.

Since I’m on haiku mode I was actually able to make one for this post.  Spell crazy and yes that’s me.  I’m also sharing a clip from FRIENDS about where everybody finds out about Monica and Chandler.

“Never keep secrets

From someone you love because

It can hurt them bad”