Congeniality is a noun for the word congenial which is an adjective that means “Of a pleasant disposition; friendly and sociable”

I can’t remember if it was after the movie Miss Congeniality was shown here or it was even before that when my good friends in college used to give me that title from Sandra Bullock’s movie.  I’ve studied from one of the biggest universities and I’m actually surprised that the saying “it’s a small world” actually fits me perfectly.  Wherever I go I’d always find someone I know literally.  Unusual and usual places, airports, beach, I even had one experience when I traveled to Mindanao and I saw acquaintances in three different instances.

And today as I was writing this post, I got the idea because there’s this Twitter BFFs going around and I have been tagged 4 times today.  One reason I know why I’m being tagged because I tweet a lot but that doesn’t automatically mean you’d be friends with every follower you have, right?  I think I’m just lucky that most of my followers have been my friends.  

In the office my boss and peers have also joined the bandwagon in calling me as Mr. Popularity/Congeniality.  I’m approached by most and I can totally be bitchy, get away with it and they’d still love me.

Lanie, one of my college friends, once said that she wouldn’t pick a fight against me ever again because regardless whoever started the fight everyone would still be on my side.  I don’t remember who said this but one reason for this is because they say I’m least likely to start a fight.  Or maybe I’m just really charming and lovable? Ha-ha! Fine I won’t push my luck too much.  

Anyway, I still just couldn’t believe it that I’m appreciated this much.  Not that I’m trying to be humble but I’m really surprised that people like me because I’m honest, crazy, a twitter addict and of course not to forget bitchy.  This post is made to thank everyone who likes me as a peer, as a rusher, as a Twitter BFF and as a friend.  Thank you for making my everyday brighter.

Ending this post with a realization that even bitches can be congenial!