I just recently became a fan of The Script when I had the chance to listen to their debut album and when I learned that they’ll be coming out with the 2nd album I made sure that I’d be one of the 1st to get a copy of it.

The album with the same track Science and Faith is a good follow up album.  I like the message of the song.  Love like Faith is something that Science can’t explain.  The majority of the songs in the album are talking about struggles of love, lost love, love under construction, love being questioned and moving on.

And in this post I’d first talk about their carrier single, “For the First Time”.  It tells about the story of couple’s struggle to fight and make things work.  It’s truly one of the hardest times when you try your best but it is as if you’re back at one.  Trying your hardest not to give up while you are settling your differences.

I don’t exactly know why I liked the song maybe because I can relate to it or maybe I’m just agreeing about the sentiments?  You see I have always believed that when you’re in a relationship you try your best to make things work.  There’s no such thing as perfect relationship.  In fact, I find it shallow and untrue when I hear stories about love without any conflicts.  Not only because I believe that conflicts and struggle adds up to maturity and growth but I just couldn’t accept the fact that they’re too lucky not to have one.   Or maybe they’re just fooling each other (insert sarcasm here).

Anyway that’s not the point I want to say.  My view on this is, when you are in a cross roads like this you should exhaust everything and fight for it together because that’s the point of being in a relationship.  When one party starts to give up and let go then it’ll be the start of your relationship’s end.  Both parties have to be open in any given time and it should be clear.  That’s how it works at least in my very idealistic point of view.

Yes it may be hard and you might feel like you’re doing everything for the first time again but did anyone ever tell us that love is easy?  I guess nobody told us that so this shouldn’t stop us from making it look like we can’t do and solve it.  Just make sure you have the time and you both are willing to fight for the love then I guess everything should work at least for both parties.

Okay enough of my senseless thoughts for now I’m ending this post by posting the video of the song and I’ll just post another entry about the other songs from the album when I have time.  Don’t forget to check the album out.