I’ve been a big fan of Brothers and Sisters since its first season.  The show never failed to make me feel crazy, it’s a show where you’d laugh with the characters because they’re like your demented siblings inside the tube and the next minute you’d tire your tear ducts from crying because you’d feel for them.

When I’ve learned that 3 characters will leave the show I felt sad and wondered what will happen to the story.  It’s all about family and losing one character makes me feel like it’s not going to be the same.  The first 4 episodes was a true testament to that.  For me the story couldn’t pick up from where it left off the past season.  Though I know that a lot will be explained since the present day is a year ahead and 1 year has been missing so I am expecting a lot of flash backs to glue the pieces together.

Then the 5th episode entitled Call Mom was aired and this is the best so far from the season.  In the episode Nora auditioned for a radio show called “Call Mom” where she’d answer calls from the listeners and give them a piece of advice.  She was up against a famous Doctor for the job.  Kitty had a problem with her budding love interest and she was looking for Nora and she decided to call Kevin to look for her.  The next scene showed Kitty pretending to be a caller and asked for Nora who was being beaten by the competition.  Nora just gave a very sensible and heart felt advice.  Here it goes, (I’m not transcribing it completely but this is how I remembered it)

“You’re feeling awkward because you’ve just lost your husband.  But you shouldn’t feel weird about it.  How we handle the loss defines who we are.  The grief, sadness and disappointments are there to be acknowledged.  You should feel it because if you don’t you won’t hear it, you won’t see what’s there in front of your eyes.  You’ll be like a drunken cousin in a reunion that won’t shut up unless it was given an attention.  You don’t need your mom to tell you these things.  What you need is your mom to listen to you while you vent out.  You know what’s wrong and right”

I ended up crying because it made me miss my mom and yearned for her presence.  Nora’s right there are times when you’re down and all you need is your mom.  In the family I am my mom’s favorite.  All of my siblings agree to it.  Whenever I’m home the first thing I do is go to their room and kiss and hug her.  I don’t actually tell her my problems but when I’m down a comforting hug from her is enough.  Today like Kitty I am limited to making calls or e-mail her when I need something since we now live in different time zones.  Gone are the days when I’d sit beside her during meals and have my fish deboned for me, go to the groceries together, eat siomai and I miss giving her a massage when she needs one.

I know that she trusts me.  I know that she loves me.  I just miss those days that I can see her every week end.  I miss receiving a text message, “Ingat and Abu (this is how we say I love you in the family).  I just miss her hugs.  I miss having her by my side.

For those who have just read this post, do yourself a favor today call your mom and tell her how important she is to you because I do that every time I have the chance to talk to her.

I’m ending this post with the clip from Brothers and Sisters. Try not to cry. 😀