I really missed watching Gilmore Girls.  It actually came to a point that I started to rip my old DVDs and converted it to an IPod friendly file.  It was never my habit to follow stars and what projects they are doing and because of this I was over a year delayed to find out that Lauren Graham has a show entitled Parenthood.  And the good news didn’t stop there because Peter Krause is the lead star of the series and I loved him from HBO’s Six Feet Under.  I told myself that I won’t add a new show in my list but these two actors are worth making an exception for.

Parenthood revolves around the Braverman family which has expanded to three generations, featuring the patriarch Zeek Braverman, and the matriarch Camille Braverman, their oldest son Adam and his wife, daughter and son, their daughter Sarah and her two kids, their second son Crosby, his ex-girlfriend Jasmine and their young son Jabbar, and finally their daughter Julia Braverman-Graham and her stay-at-home husband and young daughter. (Credits to IMDB.com)

I didn’t actually like the first episode so I began to ask myself if I’d still continue watching it.  Then I thought that it was unfair if I just stopped because I didn’t get the first episode.  I’m just too afraid that the show has a lot of issues that I might end up broken in the end.  It is nothing compared to Brothers and Sisters, the show is both drama and comedy and will totally make you crazy.

Then after a day or two, I watched the 2nd episode and my perception has changed especially when the plot of story focused to Adam’s son, Max who was diagnosed with Aspergers disease.  Adam’s wife uttered these words, “Adam, stop it, you only heard the bad part, and you didn’t hear everything else what the doctor said…”  Adam was obviously having a hard time accepting the truth about their son’s condition, thinking of the future struggle they have to face as a family, forgetting that they would work it out as a family.

I came to a realization that when we are grieving we tend to be out of focus.  We are easily disheartened by the turn of events.  We forget about what we are made of, of what we can do about these things.  And because of that episode I tweeted this, “There are times that we only hear the bad things in life, why don’t you try to listen for a change and embrace the positive things in life.” I think we should always remember that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.  Happiness is a choice.  Defeat and giving up isn’t a choice that we should make for ourselves.  I’m keeping a positive attitude. That’s what I’ve got from my Parenthood lesson 101.  This is turning out as another series that I’ll be addicted with. Good luck with me and my new parenting lessons to be learned.