I can still remember it was October 2009 when I tweeted about how busy I am planning for my friend’s wedding and bridal shower.  Unexpectedly, that tweet launched an opportunity to discover partners and given birth to a business of organizing events like weddings.

So here’s the story how the Wedding Wizards was born.

Then, it was December 2009 when Doraemonboy from twitter asked me if I can help him out plan his wedding for June 2010.  Being one of my closest rusher friends, I accepted his request but I have disclaimed that my capabilities are but limited to organizing meetings, taking down minutes of the meeting, making calls, sourcing out for suppliers, driving and budgeting. Then I told him that two of our friends might be interested to help us and that would be a great team.

First person that came to my mind was Erna because she was the first twitter friend who offered me help about planning weddings.  We discussed a lot of things for the bridal shower and gave me games that I never heard of.  She even offered to help me out, a gesture I never forgot.

Second person was Dru because like Erna he also extended his interest in helping me out.  I know Dru’s taste and style in fashion and how creative he is.

Then the team was made.  Dru and Erna were both Creative Consultants and I’d be handling the budgeting.  From day 1 it was the perfect team.  We have our own strengths and we jive pretty well and there was never a single doubt that our partnership won’t be successful that’s how positive I am.

We immediately planned that wedding, brain-stormed, carried out plans but unfortunately along the way we had a problem.  The date our groom/friend picked didn’t quite agree with my schedule.  I was set to leave for US a month before the wedding and hoped to be back few days before the wedding but I was short of 2 days.  Fortunately, our common friend Rhix who was with us from time to time during the ocular and some planning activities, we then realized that Rhix’s additional creative mind, experience with handling money and budgeting will be a perfect addition to the team.

Then, the Wedding Wizards dream came true… 

We were born to make your special event a reality.  We cover everything from conceptualizing, budgeting to hosting the actual event.  Name it, we’ll do it.  We’re all about making magic on your special day!

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