I don’t exactly remember how I came across this Stereophonics song “It Means Nothing” this morning and I just felt the need to listen to it.  Searched Youtube and sent a request to my favorite morning radio show, The Morning Rush.  Good thing they played the track then I realized how sentimental this song is.

I’m quoting few lines from the song.  Read it and think how we all want to have this sentiment.  And think of someone singing it to you.  Having those words uttered to you.  Unfortunately something struck me in my sleep or maybe I’m just going crazy today that’s why I’m thinking of this kind of thoughts today.  I just really find it weird because I’m not thinking of anything close to this feeling lately.

Anyway I’m ending this short post with these lines and Youtube link of the video.  And by the way I think Kelly Jones is cute. Ha-ha!

Did we lose ourselves again?
Did we take in what’s been said?
Did we take the time to be,
All the things we said we’d be?
So we bury hopes in sand
And my future’s in my hands

It means nothing
If I haven’t got you

The sun sets in the sky
You’re the apple of my eye
If the bomb goes off again
Blows my brain around the train
And I hope that I’m with you
Coz I wouldn’t know what to do