Nope I’m not planning on to start a family anytime soon and I won’t be a soon-to-be-father.  I’m just posting a blog since I finally caught up with the series Parenthood.  When I learned that Lauren Graham was part of this show, I immediately downloaded episodes of it even if I’m way behind by 1 and a half seasons.  Luckily, the 1st season has only 13 episodes and I was able to finish it since my other favorite shows like Brothers and Sisters and Supernatural are all on a break then The Amazing Race and Survivor ended so to speak a couple of hours of my time went open and Parenthood took that slot.

I wasn’t really gaga over the story line of the 1st season but having Lauren Graham and Peter Krause in the show gave me hope that the story will fly on the 2nd season.  Well, I have learned a handful of things about being a parent and about parents.

One of them is as parents they would do everything to protect their children and most of the time the children won’t understand why there are things that should be dealt according to their parents’ want and ways.  But I think it is very much given and highly predictable to be discussed in the show.  What I really loved with the past few episodes are the things that I have learned.

“Parents try to protect their kids until they grow up and no matter how hard we try to do that they can’t protect them in everything like they wanted to.  Parents see so much of their selves on their kids, they see their ironic take on the world, they see their walk, their smile and they think that they are them, the kids but they are not them.  The kids shouldn’t have their parents’ baggage, worries, insecurities and life experiences because it is unfair because they have their own.  They can’t be forever worried about their kids’ welfare.  Parents should be there for their kids not to take away those fears and worries away but be there to support them when they’re about to falter and give up.  And I know that it is probably the hardest thing about being a parent.”

So if you’d like to have the same experience and learning try to watch the Parenthood and I’m sure you’ll get some of the things I’m talking about.