It has been 1,035 days or 2 years, 9 months and 30 days since I first used as my blog host and last Jan 21st my blog hits reached 100,000 views.

So what happened in the last 89,424,000 seconds/ 1,490,400 minutes/ 24,840 hours or 147 weeks (rounded down)?

I’ve made 230 posts under 9 categories, tagged 632 subjects and got 302 comments.

This blog has been like my friend.  I have written almost everything here from the good days to the very low days of my life.  I don’t mind being out in the open and I am comfortable sharing my inner thoughts here.  The blog is just a percentage of what I am.  And I don’t care if I get judged with how and what I write and I won’t ever stop writing about music, movie, heart aches, frustrations, love, happiness and my life.

So until the next 50,000 hits! Thank you to my loyal readers, friends and co-bloggers. Cheers!