Falling in love is one of the most overrated feelings.  Everyone thinks that their world stops because of it.  Sorry if I sound bitter but I’m just telling the truth.  Love has a lot of hidden charges like heart aches, being heart broken, misunderstanding, and expectations.  Don’t get me wrong I’m a fan of this feeling too.  Actually, I have been victim of this once, twice? Oh crap I stopped counting after the 2nd heartbreak. Lol!

But I’m actually writing about finding love from someone you’ve least expected it to come from.  A romantic love from a friend…  This kind of scenario makes me think about love like Chandler-Monica.  You see how their love for each other grew into something magical, real and strong.

I’ve got this thought because I just recently fell in love with Estelle’s Fall in Love (featuring John Legend).  Aside from the amazing voices of these two great artists, the song’s message is something I think I need to believe in.  You see, finding love is something magical and getting it from a friend in a romantic way is something I’ve never imagined myself getting into but worth exploring for.

Here I am again in the zone where I don’t know “what’s happening here” zone.  I just loved the idea of loving someone you already know from the start.  And I strongly believe that this kind of love is stronger.  A relationship built with and by friendship has been proven to be more powerful.


I love these lines from the song,

“But something ’bout today said maybe
The street signs, the city lights, all the stars, could lead me to you

And you know
If it’s okay with you, let’s go
Go to some place that we don’t know
Don’t need a reason baby, we might be crazy
I’m thinking, we should fall in love (ba ba ba ba ba ba)
We could fall in love (ba ba ba ba ba ba)
We could fall in love (ba ba ba ba ba ba)
Be on the stars and the moon and the sky
Just fall in love”

And one day I want to find myself crazy again with someone with out thinking of anything but love…just love.  Sharing with this post is a youtube link of the song.  Hope you like it, too.