It was a lazy Sunday evening when I accidentally tuned in to StarWorld and discovered these amazing kids from the show Junior MasterChef Australia.

Junior MasterChef Australia is an Australian competitive cooking game show. It is a spin-off of MasterChef Australia, itself an adaptation of the British show MasterChef, and features contestants aged 8 to 13. The first season of the show began production in July 2010 and included 50 contestants. Over 5,000 children from around the nation auditioned for the series.  The show judges are Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris, Matt Preston, and Anna Gare.

I was instantly hooked when I saw how those kids cooked and baked.  Most of them have prepared food that I haven’t made in my entire life.  With that age bracket, who wouldn’t be proud of them?  Whenever I watch an episode, I just find myself in tears, I feel like I’m their parent and I am so damn proud of them.

The mystery box challenges and the pressure tests, I just couldn’t see myself doing those things and actually pulling it off gracefully like those kids did.

My first favorite is Cassidy because she’s just really cute and she looks happy and humble.  Then the sisters Sofia and Isabella, I just love them both because you can see that they’re both happy with each other’s achievement.  Another is Pierre, who seemed like an adult to me.  He is focused, calm and as the judges have said he cooks way beyond his age.  But my personal favorite is Nick.  He is cute and I have a huge crush on him.  Ooops, this is bad. Ha-ha!

Here is Nick’s profile taken from the MasterChef website.

Nick is a tap dancing chef who also loves to hip-hop. Nick started cooking from the tender age of seven when he was helping his dad in the kitchen and the next thing he knew he had taken over. He often cooks with his mum and sister where they each pick a course to cook and create a three-course meal for the family.

His biggest cooking disaster was when he added too much flour to his puff pastry and it exploded in the oven.

Nick enjoys hosting dinner parties for his friends and his specialty is desserts and lamb.  In fact, Nick is writing a cookbook called ‘How do you like your Lamb’?

One mystery box challenge, Nick topped the test by cooking this beautiful Chili Duck with Bok Choy.  Funny thing is when asked during at the start of the test, he wasn’t confident because he wasn’t comfortable with duck. (Especially I think when compared to preparing lamb)

I have uploaded this link from the show’s opening credits so you’d see how cute the kids are.  If you have free time to spare on Sunday evening check it out on StarWorld.  You’d enjoy watching those kids that I am very certain of.