I love Sara Bareilles because of her voice and her song Gravity is my favorite.  I love Ryan Tedder since I’ve heard him sing Apologize but I wasn’t really a fan.  Then I forgot when but my friend Sasha, a big Sara fan, gave me a link to this song Come Home which is collaboration between One Republic and Sara Bareilles.

I instantly fell in love with the song.  Whenever I hear Ryan’s voice I feel his emptiness and sadness and this song really suits him good.  I can even say that it’s perfect for him, perfect for both of them.  In my opinion, I think Ryan’s voice is haunting and I mean it in a good way.

The song is about missing someone who’s at war.  I just love how the song pleads to the world and send a message of disappointment on what our world have become.  It also makes you feel one’s frustration, the feeling of being tired of justifying about war and its benefits.  It talks about truth of longing for someone out there fighting and making things right and also with the hope that everything would be alright.

Begging and pleading someone to come home and for once stop fighting and start saving their own life, a life that one has envisioned and hoped for, a life that is made of two, together.

Pardon me I am in the zone and my brain was a little too in touch with the emotional side today.  I’m posting a YouTube link of the song so you’d appreciate it.