“Sometimes it’s just best to let go of certain friendships, no matter how much it hurts you. Letting go now is better than being ignored for life.”

I don’t normally follow automatically generated quotes on twitter.  I’d only get to see quotes coming from my followers whenever they retweet quotations.  This is how I got to read the quotation stated above.  I also don’t usually retweet but I’ve really felt that this one deserves to be retweeted.  Yes, I’m trying to make a statement when I did that.

A friend once told me that my kindness at times is at a fault.  Some friends tend to take me for granted and I usually won’t mind.  I have always believed that forgiving my friends is like forgiving my siblings.  But here’s my latest realization that maybe it’s about time that I stop letting people treat me like I can always forgive them.  Maybe it is about time that I let other people think twice before they do hurtful things to me.  My forgiveness isn’t actually the issue here because I can always forgive them for the wrong doing but the more pressing issue here is should I trust them again?

I am tired of letting them do this over and over again to me without even realizing that they have to learn how to be apologetic and actually mean it.  I’m just an ordinary person who gets tired.  I think I deserve better than that.  I’ve have weighed everything and this is how it’s going to be from now on. I’m not sure if this is even a worthy cause even if the price would be losing someone I’ve used to love and cared for.

No matter how hard for me to do this, if this is the only way for my friends to understand how our friendship should work then I’m willing to be as cold-hearted as possible.  At first I thought I couldn’t do it but as the days pass by everything seems to be easier than I thought it would be.

Have I become someone else?  Have I also become the friend that I hated?  Have I also acquired the trait that I despised?  Have I also become someone who ignores?

I don’t have the answers today but I hope that someday they’ll understand where I’m coming from and everything will be better for us together or not.