Last Thursday Chico and Delamar announced on air that there will be a big revelation in the show on Friday 9 am.  This announcement got everyone thinking what kind of news it would be.  Then after few hours Delle started retweeting listeners’ speculation and I had to give in and join in the bandwagon.

Friday morning, an hour before the big revelation, Chico mentioned that he had posted about it on his blog (click here for the link)

And I was surprised that one of the clues Chico mentioned bearing keywords was my tweet.  Upon reading that I immediately tweeted them because I couldn’t imagine enduring weeks of no morning rush.  Just thinking about it is killing me already.

Then, here’s the funny thing, the hype of the listener’s speculation and the actual ‘big reveal’ had made it to the news.  And my tweet was mentioned since Chico made it as clue for the ‘big reveal’.  I wasn’t supposed to make it as a big deal but my twitter timeline went crazy for an hour.  I really find it funny and decided to make this as a filler post.  It’s like having a 10-second of fame on national television.  Here are screenshots of my timeline during the hype so you’d see how crazy and funny my twitter followers are.  I’ve also included the link of the news.  (Click it here)